I first heard of Sprout when they were featured in the OALA Ground Magazine. Their vision of bringing together landscape professionals to provide professional service to community groups resonated with me. The season I volunteered with them was eye opening and rewarding. It was great to work alongside a team of committed Landscape Architects motivated solely by a desire to empower communities to articulate their vision and priorities.
— Kaari Kitawi

Sprout offers opportunities for students and practitioners of landscape architecture, urban planning and urban design to engage directly with communities, create mentoring relationships, and gain valuable work experience. 

As a volunteer, you will get to work with active community project ideas. In addition to broadening your skills, these opportunities will provide valuable experience in community consultation and help you grow as a facilitator.   

Sprout is now accepting volunteer applications for upcoming projects. If you would like to volunteer with Sprout, please fill out the form below.

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