Lotherton Estates


STATUS: Ongoing

LOCATION: Caledonia Road, South of Lawrence Avenue, Toronto, ON. 

Brief description

Lotherton Estates is looking to the future and preparing for any chance that arises to build resources for the community. Sprout was asked to help identify opportunities for the community and create engagement resources to help the community develop a plan for their future.

What Sprout did

Sprout's role here has been to prepare for community engagement. Sprout has produced a suite of booklets that explore the opportunities of the Lotherton landscape in four different topics: community gardens, active landscapes and playgrounds, as well as opportunities in the landscape for small businesses interested in food services and other craft  or consulting based industries.

For more information, take a look at the booklets and reports we created for this project on Active Landscape, Community Garden, Cooking Opportunities and Maker Space.