Ashbridges Project.jpg

STATUS: Ongoing. This site is just at the beginning of a long term engagement program directed by Building Roots and the Ontario Heritage Trust.

LOCATION: Queen Street East, Toronto

Brief description

The Ashbridge Estate is an historic site in Toronto’s East End under the management of the Ontario Heritage Trust. OHT is now attempting to open this site up to the public and other local community organizations. Sprout has worked with local food-systems advocacy group, Building Roots, to identify strategies that build the space into a haven for urban agriculture with a focus on educational, business, and cultural projects.

What Sprout did

Sprout acted as a design consultant providing a outlining opportunities through short design studies.  Sprout created a booklet of design studies that express the wide range of goals for the site to prioritize plans and encourage further exploration with the community.

For more information, take a look at our report here.