Working with Sprout gave us the opportunity to turn all these concepts and ideas into
something visual that the community could better understand and get inspired by. Having images depicting what the project could look like really helped gain support from neighbours
and sparked new ideas about the possibilities that the space offered.
— Alejandra Perdomo

Sprout offers communities the unique expertise of volunteer landscape architects, planners, and urban designers to help kick-start community projects. Through capacity building or conceptual design, Sprout can help accelerate community projects from idea to vision.

By engaging in community-led projects in the early stages, Sprout can provide the initial ideas, concepts, and visuals to help a community get to the next step - whether that’s pitching a project, applying for a grant, or engaging professional design services. Sprout’s work does not replace that of a licensed landscape architect or urban planner.

Collaborate with Us

If you have a great community project that you think could benefit from Sprout’s support, e-mail us and we can discuss. Please note that Sprout is a small organization and typically only accepts community projects through recommendations.

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