Connecting landscape architects + community.

Sprout is an outreach program that unites non-profit groups with landscape architects to collaborate on community-led design projects. In addition to the initiation of single project partnerships, Sprout provides a platform to network, share ideas, and envision our common landscape.




Sprout offers communities the unique expertise of volunteer landscape architects to help kick-start community projects. Through capacity building or conceptual design, Sprout can help accelerate community projects from idea to vision. 


Sprout offers junior and senior practitioners (and students) of landscape architecture the opportunity to be engaged directly with a community, create mentoring relationships, and gain valuable work experience.

Great Places

We know that better places happen when their communities help build them. That's why we want to give communities the tools they need to make their ideas a reality - whether it be at the scale of a garden, a park, or an entire neighbourhood.

Research Hub

Sprout wants to build a research community, help us create a dialogue around public spaces, share lessons learned, table questions and contribute to Evidence-based Landscape Architecture.