Connecting design + community

An identity of a public place is best reflected when the community helps to continually shape it – a place where people feel a sense of belonging and where their collective aspirations are brought to life.

Undertaking a collaborative design of urban space goes hand in hand with ensuring that community is invested in place-making right from the beginning. However, meaningful engagement in this context is faced with multiple barriers, often making the process inaccessible and challenging to implement for both the public and the space design community. These barriers can range anything from lack of clarity on approval processes, challenges in navigating complicated space ownership structures to not having enough time to engage community effectively.

In light of such limitations and barriers to support an inclusive design process, Sprout facilitates bridging the needs of local communities with the tools and expertise of volunteer landscape architects, planners and urban designers, enabling an idea to be catalyzed into a real, active space - whether it be at the scale of a garden, a park, or an entire neighbourhood.